Our volunteers are one of the most important parts of the Mela. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of a team that makes this amazing event happen. Besides that, it looks great on your CV, you’ll make a whole bunch of new friends and be able to enjoy all aspects of putting a festival together! We're always looking for enthusiastic, friendly, and reliable people to get on board for the Mela weekend. 

Why volunteer? 

You will be able to meet new people, build up your work experience, share your skills and develop new skills, be involved behind-the-scenes at a major event and see some exciting shows.

What will I receive? 

A volunteer induction, which will give you a chance to understand what we do, where we are at, and meet your colleagues. Local travel expenses to and from the festival office. A written reference available on request upon successful completion of your volunteer post

How long will each volunteer shift be? 

Shifts will last approximately 6 hours. You will have a break during your shift.

How old to I have to be? 

You have to be 16 years old or over to apply.

How do I apply? 

Write in to us on the following email: info@edinburgh-mela.co.uk

Crew at Edinburgh Mela 2017