STYLE: Polish folk

Date: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Awaz FM Mela Mix Stage

 Time: 12.55-13.20 (Saturday) / 12.15-12.40 (Sunday)

Unique sounds of the Wielkopolska!  This year’s Wielkopolska band are ‘Kapela Dudziarska Kozlary ze Steszewa‘ and all hail from Greater Poland and practice the rare skill of playing traditional instruments by ear. Mixing folk melodies and centuries-old dialect songs they produce a beautiful, unique style of vocals and instrumentals.

The Edinburgh Mela are pleased to welcome members of the band;  Romuald Jedraszak, Piotr Gorecki, Pawel Zawadzki, Jakub Kontek, Lukasz Kontek and Karolina Kontek, from Poland for these special performances on Saturday and Sunday at the Mela!