Sazia Judge

Sazia Judge

STYLE: Punjabi Pop / Sufi / Bollywood

Date: Saturday

Location: Main Stage

Time: 19.25-19.55

Sazia Judge is an Indian professional singer and an actress, serving the Brit Asian Music Scene with some of the best songs to hit the world dance floors like Saa Charju (Fitteh Moo) Budda Jatt, Hun Moi, Bach Mitran, Lalkara and Nikki Gal.

Sazia Judge is an internationally acclaimed Punjabi Pop, Folk, Sufi, Bollywood and Hindi singer and well as an esteemed composer, lyricist, actress and performer. Her journey to our hearts began in the Punjab and currently sees her residing in the beautiful Bhangra loving city of Birmingham.  Her songs are a hit on dance floors across the world, and always guarantee to get hips shaking and the crowd rocking and so we can’t wait to see Shazia entertain the crowd at the Mela Main Stage on Saturday!



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