La Otra Orilla- Moi&lesAutres

La Otra Orilla- Moi&lesAutres

STYLE: Flamenco

Date: Sunday

Location: World Dance Feste Stage

The charismatic choreographer and dancer Myriam Allard and the singer and director Hedi Graja present their reinvented flamenco in a new piece entitled Moi&lesAutres.
In this solo that involves close communication with the musicians, themselves
actively committed to the choreography, La Otra Orilla presents a spirited variation on the sometimes complex art of relating to one and other.
This production reveals yet another version of the company’s hybrid flamenco language that is iconoclast, poetic and firmly rooted in the present

Moi & les autres :: La Otra Orilla :: photo affiche :: Salle G Place-des-Arts