Edinburgh Bhangra Crew

Edinburgh Bhangra Crew

STYLE: Bhangra/ Dance

Date: Saturday

Location: World Dance Feste

Time: 12.30-12.50

The Edinburgh Bhangra Crew are a non-profit university dance troupe founded in 2008 by a small group of friends who love to dance. Bhangra, a celebratory Punjabi folk dance, has taught to the group in open classes twice a week and since its founding.  Since the group’s inception, Edinburgh Bhangra Crew have gone from strength to strength and now boast over 60 members!

They have danced at a range of events from local charity performances, weddings, and dance shows up to national Bhangra competitions, and continue to deliver lively and colourful performances.  The Edinburgh Bhangra Crew are a firm festival favourite – bringing colour and energy to our World Dance Feste Stage.


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