Nurjahan Shilpi

Nurjahan Shilpi

STYLE: Traditional/Bengali

Date: Sat 30th August

Location: Main Stage

Time: 17.10-17.40

A singing star since the age of ten, Nurjahan Shilpi is an award-winning talent. Nurjahan was chosen by ustad Akter Sadmani for tutoring in the classical music and Khalid Hossain for Nazrul Giti.  She also took tuition from Bulbul Lolito Kola Academy until the age of 16.

After the arrival in United Kingdom she began singing professionally, specialising in traditional Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Panjabi songs, and performed in many stage programmes. Within few years  she secured her status as one of the most popular Bengali singers within the UK. Furthermore Nurjahan is a popular singer in Indian and Pakistani community for classical,Ghazal and Bollywood songs.