Scotpipe and Wielkopolska Bagpipers & Violinists

Scotpipe and Wielkopolska Bagpipers & Violinists

STYLE: Traditional/Folk

Date: Sat 30th + Sun 31st August

Location: Mela Mix Stage

Time: 13.10-13.30 (Sat), 13.25-13.45 (Sun)

The finest in traditional Polish folk music from the Wielkopolska Master of Bagpipes & Violinists; Led by Mr. Romuald Jedraszak and his Students Mr. Radoslaw Zak (Piper), Miss Karolina Kulka (Violinist from Polajewo), Mr. Patryk Nowak (Piper) Miss Magdalena & Miss Joanna Brygier (Violinists and sisters) in their traditional village costumes from Czempin, Poland.

On Sunday they will be joined by pipers from the Scotpipe band for a special collaborative performance, showcasing the best traditional music from both Scotland and Poland.