Sonia Sabri: Ekalya

Sonia Sabri: Ekalya

STYLE: Dance/Performance

Date: Sat 30th + Sun 31st August

Location: World Dance Feste

Time: 14.25-15.05 (Sat), 15.05-15.45 (Sun)

The renowned Sonia Sabri Company presents modern classical celebration of Persian and Indian artistry expressed through the intricate language of Kathak dance. ‘Ekalya’ (from the Sanskrit: ‘solo’) is a composition that intimately beautifully crafts dance with live music. Sonia explores the classical roots of Kathak in this two-part solo programme. Focussing on precise footwork, rapid turns, complex rhythms and poignant mime and gesture, this solo production is a striking display of both the skilled and dramatic aspects of Kathak.