Desi Bravehearts

Desi Bravehearts

STYLE: Dance/Performance

Date: Sat 30th + Sun 31st August

Location: World Dance Feste

Time: 12.30-12.50 (Sat), 12.50-13.05 + 14.40-14.55 (Sun)

“The Desi Bravehearts, Born in Scotland, Raised on Irn-Bru!”

The Desi Bravehearts are an exclusive Scottish based dance group who specialise in Bollywood/fusion dancing. The Group is trained intensively by Mumbai-based choreographer Pratap Shetty, famous for his work on hit Bollywood films and TV series.

As for the Bravehearts, they currently consist of women and men of Scottish, Indian, Pakistani, Greek, German, Malaysian and Chinese backgrounds. With this cultural diversity emerges a wide range of dancing styles such as belly, Scottish, rnb, hip-hop, Greek and Indian dance types such as bhangra, Bangladeshi and Kathak, which only adds to the flava of their fusion dances.