Dance Ihayami: Jewels of Shiva

Dance Ihayami: Jewels of Shiva

STYLE: Dance/Performance

Date: Sun 31st August

Location: World Dance Feste

Time: 13.15-13.45 

Jewels of Shiva is Dance Ihayami’s new classical Indian dance production exploring themes of creation and destruction. Lord Shiva with his damaru (drum) is the eternal Lord of Dance holding the balance in the universe.
With strong movements and sculpturesque poses, Dance Ihayami dancers bring forth the dynamics of Indian classical dance, with a vivid display of footwork, hand gestures and expressions. The footwork and gestures smoothly join with the vibrancy of classical and contemporary music from both India and Scotland.
In one of the pieces, Dance Ihayami teams up with Gurjit the Dhol Drummer to create a strong rhythmic demonstration of universal struggle between good and evil, creation and destruction.