Capicúa Flamenco

Capicúa Flamenco

STYLE: Dance/Performance

Date: Sat 30th + Sun 31st August

Location: World Dance Feste

Time: 15.25-16.10 (Sat), 19.30-20.15 (Sun)

The Mela is delighted to present a brand new dance commission from Spain. Featuring flamenco legends Carmen Ledesma, Rafael de Carmen, Mari Peña and Antonio Moya, this cross-generational performance will blow the audience away with its passionate energy.
The essence and sense of Capicúa lies in the artists’ fluidity of singing, playing and dancing, plus the experiential ephemeral sublime aspect of flamenco and the rhythmic resonance that distinguishes the Flamenco Schools of Seville and Utrera.
Capicúa offers the brilliance of singing, playing and dancing, without further additions. Capicúa is an intense and seductive show where the program is subject to variations of “Duende” and the artists’ inspiration can provoke the unexpected! A perfect brew, Ole!